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Maserati GranTurismo

Maserati GranTurismo

Maserati GranTurismo offers a lot of performance for a lot of dollars. It will be the lightest, fastest and most powerful car in the Maserati range, but the GranTurismo MC Stradale will also be the most expensive. Unveiled at the 2010 Paris motor show this week, and due in Australia in the third quarter of 2011, the track-oriented Stradale coupe should at least threaten $400,000 (before on-road costs).

How pants should fit!

Levi Johnston Playgirl Pics #2


A face not even a mother could be proud of

This anti-gay message [via Twitter] by the uneducated, talentless, “rapper”, 50 cent.

On Thursday, 50 Cent tweeted, “If you a man and your over 25 and you don’t eat pu**y just kill your self damn it. The world will be a better place. Lol.”

This trailer park trash picked a horrible time to lash out at the gay community as at least four teenagers have killed themselves in recent days after undergoing bullying like this. It is this type of homophobic bullying that is killing these poor teens.

50 Cent is SCUM, and he deserves to be boycotted by the community. Even worse, hundreds of people re-tweeted this message.


Gold Medalist - Eamon Sullivan

Better than Coffee

Enrique Iglesias NAKED

Wanna be friends?

ENRIQUE Iglesias likes to get naked with his friends. The Hero hitmaker is not embarrassed by nudity and often strips off with his pals.

He said “I don’t know if I’m cool with it, but I’m not extremely embarrassed. I kind of like making fun of myself. I have five good friends and one of them is an exhibitionist so I think we all follow him. Whenever he gets naked we all get naked and do stupid things.”

Full House – Classic TV

Rain, Rain GO AWAY, Sydney

Rain 😦

Well the last two days of freedom that I have before starting a new job have poured rain, and weather predictions show that it will continue for the next 3 days, not that it’s the worst thing ever but I want to run, reignite my weight loss efforts, but in the rain my dog won’t be so willing.

Time for bed…

Come to bed...

Kelly Clarkson Should’ve sung this, Kate DeAraugo – Faded

Ryan Philippe – Working Up A Sweat :)

Ryan Philippe

NEW Westlife Album NOV 2010


The Westlife boys have been busy recording in the States and we can now announce that there is a brilliant new album scheduled for release on the 15th November.

Time After Time – Cindi Lauper (Classic)

Sydney Roosters – Better Luck Next Year Boys!

Daniel Conn

Do you smell that?

Smelly Billboard?

America’s first scented billboard, depicting a towering fork piercing a giant piece of meat, has been erected on the River Highway in Mooresville, North Carolina, pumping out the smell of grilled steak to promote the Bloom grocery chain’s new line of beef.

A high-powered fan attached to the base of the billboard pole disperses the aroma of black pepper and charcoal by blowing air over cartridges loaded with fragrance oil.

Another US company, ice-cream chain Emack & Bolio’s, has also boosted sales by setting up an “aroma billboard” sending out the scent of waffle cones to attract customers to its store.


Braith Anasta

Anthony Callea – Update :)

Anthony & Partner Tim Campbell

Anthony is currently working on new material. He is very excited to be back in the studio writing and recording. He says, “the new material I am working on really excites me and look forward to sharing it with you all. When the time comes, you’ll all be the first to know.” if you check out:

Jessica Mauboy – Get Em Girls!

Anton Antipov – Shirtless :)

Anton Antipov

HRH Prince Charles GAY?

Prince Charles Gay?

First  it was John Travolta, now Globe Magazine in the US is claiming Prince Charles has apparently been in the closet for 30 years, hiding his sexuality from the world via Princess DianaCamilla and having kids. According to UK trash paper The Globe, that is!

According to the rag, Camilla spilled the beans herself – yep, that’s believable! The prospect of a gay king heading up our monarchy someday is pretty rad though. Take that, marriage laws! Etc.

Michael Buble as Justin Bieber?

Michael Buble has just released his cheeky video to “Hollywood” in which he dresses up as Justin Bieber.

Michael Bieber?


Same Sex Adoption

The last hurdle to same-sex adoption in NSW was overcome on September 9  when the Legislative Council approved Sydney MP Clover Moore’s Adoption Amendment (Same-Sex Couples) Bill as amended by the Legislative Assembly earlier that day.

The Assembly voted 46-43 in favour of an amendment by Attorney General John Hatzistergos which sought to restrict the scope of Rockdale MP Frank Sartor’s amendment of the previous day.

Grand Final 2010, Roosters V Dragons

Sandor Earl (ex Rooster, Currently Panthers)

From wooden-spooners in 2009 to grand finalists in 2010 – maybe even premiers – can you believe it?

They came into this season with a mantra of ‘new coach, new attitude.’ It’s one thing to mouth the right words; it’s a totally different thing to put them into effect.