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Another doggie Christmas Present

I know I am a bit overly prepared for Christmas but as Nigella Lawson said “I much prefer Christmas as an adult, than

Doggy Cookies?

I did as a child” but it’s cute and will allow me to try and get my princess of a dog to try a dog treat, it’s a challenge. I know the pic is small but you get the idea, a Dog Bone Shaped Cookie Cutter ($4.95) from one of those free standing cooking shops (i know not helpful) but there is one @ Broadway and one @ Rhodes…

IKEA – DUKTIG 15-piece breakfast set $14.99

The cutest christmas gift I bought for my Maltese who love’s soft toys, at IKEA for on $15.00, alongside the Louis Vuitton collar (RRP $365.00) will make a perfect spoilt dog christmas gift.