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Haircut (David Beckham) Yes or No?

So with all this weight loss and health stuff I’m doing it’s time to think longer ahead, and the important question what haircut should I get? I’m liking this…

Yes or No? -David Beckham

You just don’t miss it until its GONE!


Well, I took the dog for our usual morning walk/run for an hour, and don’t have my ipod *tear* I never really noticed how much of a difference it makes, you tune out the world and go, it keeps my mind clear and I focus on the exercise or the music, my usual soundtrack is the whole Whitney Houston I Look To You Album, or Enrique’s euphoria. All I know is that my ipod comes back tonight… sweet.

Jason Dundas – Aussie TV Presenter

Jason Dundas

O Magazine Words That Matter Book (Christmas Wishlist)

Words That Matter

In the ten years since “O, The Oprah Magazine” was launched, it has become one of the most popular magazines in America, with a total readership estimated at 15 million each month. This book features over 750 of the wisest things said in the pages of “O”.

I’ve seen it for up to $70, but you can visit the book depository and get it for under $20 (