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Weight Loss

You just don’t miss it until its GONE!


Well, I took the dog for our usual morning walk/run for an hour, and don’t have my ipod *tear* I never really noticed how much of a difference it makes, you tune out the world and go, it keeps my mind clear and I focus on the exercise or the music, my usual soundtrack is the whole Whitney Houston I Look To You Album, or Enrique’s euphoria. All I know is that my ipod comes back tonight… sweet.

Todays big Challenge: Stay Motivated!

Atkins Diet

Cut out the carbs...

So I started Atkins about 4 weeks ago and have already dropped 10kgs, I want to lose a total of 30kgs, so 20 more to go and I will re access proportions and begin weight training, so it’s no carbs, sugars coffee etc, and restricting my net carbs to less than 20g per day (phase 1), and I intend to continue it for the remainder, currently I am walking up to 2 hours daily with the dog and run 30 minutes 2 – 3 times per week.

Start: 127kg
Goal: 98 (then re access further loss or begin building muscle)
Current: 117kg
To Go: 20kg