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You just don’t miss it until its GONE!


Well, I took the dog for our usual morning walk/run for an hour, and don’t have my ipod *tear* I never really noticed how much of a difference it makes, you tune out the world and go, it keeps my mind clear and I focus on the exercise or the music, my usual soundtrack is the whole Whitney Houston I Look To You Album, or Enrique’s euphoria. All I know is that my ipod comes back tonight… sweet.

Andrew Gunsberg’s Blog

Andrew Gunsberg

There we’re two blogs that made me decide to do this first as mentioned before Davey Wavey Fitness, and also Andrew Gunsberg (Andrew G) to most Aussies.

Check them out:

Andrew Gunsberg

Davey Wavey Fitness

Davey Wavey Fitness..

A certified personal trainer who uses his blog to share his passion for and knowledge of fitness, exercise, health and nutrition with the world. Wherever you are on your fitness journey – whether just starting out or a seasoned expert – He invite’s you to become a part of this online community.

Aussie Men’s Health BIG BOOK



Ok, so I’m on a health kick and still have a long way to go and have been looking for a book on exercise and nothing I tried Dymock’s but wasn’t successful.

I woke up on morning and before taking the dog for a walk, I stumbled across the Australian Men’s Health website and saw “MENS HEALTH SHOWS YOU HOW TO BUILD THE BODY YOU WANT” so naturally I was interested .

With the statement “ 619 exercises and easy to follow instructions, now you can lose up to 5 kilos of pure fat in just 4 weeks!” I decided to order it, because you get it free for 14 days and pay four instalments of around $10 and its hopefully gonna be a good guide, keep you posted on it’s arrival…

You can order it @