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How pants should fit!

Hunt for Ed Hardy Millions – Thank god this brand is over!

Ed Hardy

Was it a case of miss managed brand marketing? To start Ed Hardy was stocked at K-Mart (Auto Products) and Myer (Clothing), was that the undoing? What market we’re they aiming for? Either way millions of dollars are owed and the boss of failed fashion label Ed Hardy is setting up a new life for himself in New York just as Australian creditors pursue the business for millions of dollars.Records of a creditors’ meeting lodged with the Australian Security and Investments Commission this week reveal 20 Australian and international entities are seeking more than $8.4 million from the failed Ed Hardy Operations Pty Ltd and Ed Hardy Pty Ltd.



Being on this “health” kick I have been doing a lot of online “dream” shopping on everything from underwear to hats, but enough on that I’ve fallen for some perhaps overpriced, but visually appealing Oakley board shorts.

Oakley say “OAKLEY BLADE™ brings board shorts into the 21st century” so they must  be good right? Anyway I’ll continue to justify the cost, having said that I shopped on their website and tallied up over $3.5K, but moving swiftly on really like them…

Retailing on the Oakley website for $199.95, and sold out in every size says something. If you wanna have a closer look at the technology in these including the inner shorts check out the Oakley Website.