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Need Help! TIME TO QUIT SMOKING… Any Ideas?

Eric Dane

Ok 25 now, time to grow up and look after myself, what I’m saying is “Time to quit smoking”. The government tax increasing the cost to $20 per packet has failed to influence, and I need to do it myself, any suggestions?

Todays big Challenge: Stay Motivated!

O Magazine Words That Matter Book (Christmas Wishlist)

Words That Matter

In the ten years since “O, The Oprah Magazine” was launched, it has become one of the most popular magazines in America, with a total readership estimated at 15 million each month. This book features over 750 of the wisest things said in the pages of “O”.

I’ve seen it for up to $70, but you can visit the book depository and get it for under $20 (

Andrew Gunsberg’s Blog

Andrew Gunsberg

There we’re two blogs that made me decide to do this first as mentioned before Davey Wavey Fitness, and also Andrew Gunsberg (Andrew G) to most Aussies.

Check them out:

Andrew Gunsberg

Davey Wavey Fitness

Atkins Diet

Cut out the carbs...

So I started Atkins about 4 weeks ago and have already dropped 10kgs, I want to lose a total of 30kgs, so 20 more to go and I will re access proportions and begin weight training, so it’s no carbs, sugars coffee etc, and restricting my net carbs to less than 20g per day (phase 1), and I intend to continue it for the remainder, currently I am walking up to 2 hours daily with the dog and run 30 minutes 2 – 3 times per week.

Start: 127kg
Goal: 98 (then re access further loss or begin building muscle)
Current: 117kg
To Go: 20kg